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Website Committee

The college still awaits official formulation of WEBSITE COMMITTEE.

The beginning:

The requirement of a website was felt by the then officiating Principal, Dr. K. N. Arora, who, entrusted the entire responsibility to Dr. Neelu Jain Gupta, Reader, Department of Zoology, who enthusiastically accepted the challenge. She planned the theme and formulated the design. Presentation of plan was made in several meetings to various colleagues and also to Management Secretary.
Our Management Secretary took great interest in the preparations and provided all the relevant information and pictures about the founders, history of the college and the relevant data through personal efforts of her son Mr. Abhinav Krishna, who reiterated the founder family’s concern about the college welfare. College is thankful to Mr. Krishna who not only made suggestions but also provided valuable information to Dr. Gupta at all times.
Much information from the college brochure was converted into soft language by Dr. H K Rai, Reader, Drawing and Painting.

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