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Proctorial Board

The proctorial board of M.M.H. College, Ghaziabad was established with the twin objectives of enforcing discipline and controlling the student community. But over the years, the mandate of the board has been broadened to include all security concerns of the college. In the light of present scenario, the endeavor of the proctorial board has been to provide an environment in which the overall academic ambience of the college campus improves continuously free from all worries of insecurity. Any concern regarding discipline should be brought to the knowledge of the proctors/proctorial board or the chief proctor..

Objectives: -

To maintain discipline among the student community
-Smooth and timely completion of admission process
-Trouble free session
-Smooth and successful conduct of examination
Name of the members of the proctorial board
1. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh (Chief Proctor )
2. Dr. Prabha Rani (Proctor)
3. Dr. D.K. Gautam (Proctor)
4. Dr. Reena Singh (Proctor)
5. Dr. Suta Kumari (Proctor)
6. Dr. Virendra Singh (Proctor)
7. Dr. R.S. Yadav (Proctor)
8. Dr. Rosy Mishra (Proctor)
9. Sh. S.K. Sharma (Proctor)
10. Dr. D.K. Yadav (Proctor)
11. Dr. Kranti Bodh (Proctor)
12. Sh. Uttam Kumar (Proctor)