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M.M.H. College Library : -

M.M.H. College Library was established in 1948 to serve the academic community of the College in particular and this region of the state in general.

Mission of the Library

Library is the heart and backbone of any Institution. The mission of the library is to support fully the research and educational endeavors of the students, Research Scholars and faculty of this college, by collecting, organizing, preserving, and disseminating information in any form, by providing effective service and instructional programs, and by utilizing electronic information systems to provide access to new information products and services.


College library membership is open to the faculty members, students and research scholars of the college. Besides these members, the library also serves to the consultant members coming from the different Educational Institution and other establishments.

The following table gives a total number of various types of Library members

Faculty Members120
P.G student & Ph.D. scholars588
U.G. Students7780
Non-Teaching Staff85

MMH College Library


In the matter of acquisition of books our policy has been to acquire books of immediate relevance and books useful for advance level research in the subject concerned. Our aim has been to build up a rounded collection of books to meet the teaching and research requirements. Besides acquisition against payment, the library also received great books from Central and State Government International organization and individuals The following table gives a total number of various types of reading materials available in the library:

Various types of reading materialsTotal Number Print
Number of Volumes129562
Bound Volumes of Journals156
Number of Ph.D. Theses672


Periodicals are an important source of research and advance teaching. The library has subscribed to more than 78 Periodicals and 17 Newspapers.


The library remains open throughout the year except all National holidays as prescribed in the Rules. It observes working from 7.30 A.M. to 7.30 P.M. on all working days.


The staff position in the central Library, today is as under:-

Cataloguer 01
Class III08
Class IV10