M.M.H. College


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Its Establishment: -

The study Centre came into existence in the year 1989. It is one of the most popular study centre in the region. It comes under the jurisdiction of Regional centre, C-53 Sector-62, (Institutional Area), Nodia-201305(U.P.) Phone No. 0120-2405012, 2405014, E-mail re noida @ ignou. C.in. Its Rigional Director is Dr. Gulab Jha.


The following courses are activated at our study Centre : BPP, CFN, CDM, CNGOM, CNCC, CRD, CTS, BA, B.COM., BTS, B.Sc, MP, MAH, MAPC, MARD, M.COM., MEC, MHD, MPA, MPS, M.Sc. CFT, MSO, MTM, PGDCFT, PGDDM, PGDIBO, PGDIRR, PGDRD, PGDT, DTS, CPLT.

Timing, Tel. No. , E-Mail ID:-

The study Centre opens on the following days
Saturday : 1 to 3 PM
Sunday : 9 AM to 2 PM
Tel. No. 8076304284
E-mail Id : Link textmmhcignougzb@gmail.com


The following is the part-time staff who look after the functioning of study centre :

Name Designation
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh (Associate Professor) Co-ordinator
Dr.Jamuna Prasad (Associate Professor) Assistant Co-ordinators
Dr. Anil Govinden (Associate Professor) Assistant Co-ordinators
Shalu Tyagi (Associate Professor) Assistant Co-ordinators
Dr. Alka Vyas (Assistant Professor) Assistant Co-ordinators

There are some Assistants (Class-III)

Shri. Abnindra Singh Assistant
Shri. Vinod Kumar Assistant
Shri. Ankur Yadav Assistant

There are some of (Class-IV)

Shri. Ramji Lal Attendant
Shri. Rama Shankar Attendant
Shri. Chandra Bosh Attendant
Shri. Jawahar Singh Attendant
Shri. Raj Kumar House Keeper

The host institution plays a vital importance in promotion of open learning system of IGNOU. It provides the basic infrastructure of study centre on mutually agreed terms.