M.M.H. College


Cultural Committee

Hon’ble Dean and Members of this Committee are:

1. Dr. U. C. Sharma, Dean Student Welfare

2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Chief Proctor

3. Dr. Ayodhya Singh, Convener

4. Dr. H. K. Rai, Co- Convener

5. Dr. Reena Singh, Member

6. Dr. Suta Kumari Member

7. Dr. Arun Lata Verma Member

8. Dr. Susmita Bhattacharya Member

9. Smt. Aparna Malhotra Member

10. Dr. Veena Tyagi Member

11. Dr. Deepti Singh Member

12. Dr. Subhashini Sharma Member

13. Dr. Monika Sharma Member

14. Dr. Rakhi Dwivedi Member

15. Dr. Kalpna Dubay Member